Bed Lunch Time before bed
Saturday Morning 24 Oct 2020

  • 안개이슬

    Good grandfather. You like animals.

  • nanka2002

    How many meals are they having per day? :))

  • carley northcoast
    carley northcoast

    they look a tad chubby, anyone know where this is and how cold it gets in winter?

  • colleen king and perogie doggo's
    colleen king and perogie doggo's

    Lovely big happy family

  • FangedBeauty

    I love this channel

  • Puff The Magic Garden
    Puff The Magic Garden

    Love this!!! Anyone into groundhogs? Welcome to my magic garden!! ❤️

  • Hulk2k6

    "If anyone asks, we're just overweight rabid cats! Otherwise, act natural"

  • Edward Kenneth
    Edward Kenneth

    Jim, do you still go to the Spiro's for pizza?

  • Edward Kenneth
    Edward Kenneth

    This really give a perspective of just how big they have gotten....look at all those fat babies!! :)

  • Julie Anne
    Julie Anne

    Midnight snack at Jim’s Diner! What’s on the menu tonight....❤️

  • J Jano
    J Jano

    Let wild animals be wild. When they associate food with humans ,that's when trouble starts.

  • Diana Dilkes
    Diana Dilkes

    Jim, these kids need to be on a diet! They're starting to look like chubby wombats! 🥰🤣

  • beth the fam
    beth the fam

    James, maybe you can have the join button or option so that people can do things right and extra videos can go to the subscribers. It is an idea and an option. If you get money from it, you can use it for charity or extra hot dogs or for the grocery store that you get the hot dogs 🌭 from.

  • Spider Woman
    Spider Woman

    So calm they are, and over stuffed lol. Your a wonderful man mr. Jim.

  • Amy Van Hoy
    Amy Van Hoy

    I wonder how many are going to have babies next year

  • Tracy From Cincinnati
    Tracy From Cincinnati

    The wind down

  • Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec
    Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec


  • Tonia Jimenez
    Tonia Jimenez

    They really enjoy the seeds! Love bed lunch time 😊

  • Diane Henderson
    Diane Henderson

    They God children too so pretty and fluffy

  • Dan G P
    Dan G P

    Would love to lie down in the middle of those fluff balls and hug these guys while listening to them munch away! They look so soft & cuddly!

  • Yuno Gasai
    Yuno Gasai

    Nagyon. Aranyosak

  • ぬこぬこものがたり。


  • servicarrider

    It's funny how the seeds always calm them right down. I wonder why that is?

  • robert lareau
    robert lareau

    If only people would get along like these beautiful animals, what a beautiful world it would be. Thank you Jim for all these great videos.

  • Lady Di
    Lady Di

    So many cuties my goodness 😃

  • Irene Vitrano
    Irene Vitrano

    10:25 4:52 am 👍

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith

    Jim.... Don't ever doubt how wonderful and kind a man you are. And in case you need reassurance of,write or text me and I will happily remind you friend. Be Blessed! 💛💛

  • Charlean Sherrod
    Charlean Sherrod

    They look like rolly pollys 😂

  • Gene Friedman
    Gene Friedman

    Bed lunch. Must be Canadian slang for midnight snack lol.

  • Captain Vergilius
    Captain Vergilius

    They are so fat!!! If to compare with your 2-3 years ago videos it is visible that they became fat and lazy 😂😂😂😂

  • stella bonin
    stella bonin

    I love watching your videos. It's nice to see them all getting along. All you can hear is then chewing up the seeds. Thanks for taking care of the raccoons Jim. I watch every night .Take care and be safe. From Stella in Brookfield Massachusetts

  • Alexandra

    Everybody is happy. ❤

  • Judith Schmeider
    Judith Schmeider

    If we could your email we could send pics of my sons birthday cake. Hes feeding a bunch of racoons and the cake has a waving raccoon holding a hot dog surrounded by cheese, peanuts and. Cookies do you lose sleep if one favorite doesn't show up

  • His Lamb
    His Lamb

    So calmly and collectively in unity enjoying their bed lunch. They are even taking turns at the watering hole! 😊 Golly Gee, Raccoon whiskers! Can there be a more peaceful, lovable scene? Thanks James for sharing such a great scene of serenity! Peace to you too and God’s blessings!❤️🐑🙏 🦝💕🦝💕🦝💕🦝💕🦝💕🦝

  • Sharon Burrows
    Sharon Burrows

    This is soo cute before they go night night.

  • Jhayne Art of Life
    Jhayne Art of Life

    Having a feast!!🦝👍

  • Jhayne Art of Life
    Jhayne Art of Life

    Yea!! Sumo Raccoons!!!🐾🐾🦝🦝🎃🎃😉💜👍

  • Maria Anglin
    Maria Anglin

    Wow! That's awesome.

  • Adrienne Burke
    Adrienne Burke

    Awww. They're all so content and peaceful. They look like big brown cuddly pillows. Sooo adorable! 💕🦝🦝💕

  • Joanne M
    Joanne M

    Don't know what I'm gonna do when the snow flies, and the babies are in torpor! Jim, God love you, you'll get a much needed rest!

  • mo Mo
    mo Mo

    I feel like to scoop them all or maybe just lay down a mattress there while them eating

  • Becky Bryant
    Becky Bryant

    They're so quiet no smacking.😘

  • Rubberbandshee

    Goodness look how round everyone looks. They're getting ready for winter must be.

  • Remy, Lily and Momma too
    Remy, Lily and Momma too

    They were well behaved with the guest last night.. Now they get their midnight snack before night night time.

  • HellonHeels

    You should put one of those box covers for the light switch

  • Pam Meckley
    Pam Meckley

    It's nice to see them all huddled together getting along! So cute! 💗

  • Asian Sunflower82
    Asian Sunflower82

    I just love how Jim makes sure EVERY belly gets fed and full. 💙🦝🧡

  • Anne Biggins
    Anne Biggins

    Jim are the females pregnant? I know they are getting their brown fat readying for the colder months? BUT what a appetite!! This isn't Covid-19 weight!! Lol

  • Irene Vitrano
    Irene Vitrano

    10/24 4:56 pm 👍

  • Lindy410

    If everyone had your heart, Jim, we'd be living in perfect harmony, and without war. ❤

  • A S
    A S

    floof level: over the top

  • Christy Hernandez
    Christy Hernandez

    Man look how fat they are. They will sleep good this winter. Hats off to James for the love he gives to Gods creatures.

  • A W
    A W


  • Marsha Humbert
    Marsha Humbert

    The last filling of the bellies. They are so content and calm. Do they stay there and sleep?

  • bellison

    Wonderful! Thanks Jim for taking care of these little Ones! Made my day. 🙂🙂🙂

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot

    Hello Woody. Please stand.

  • L stella martinez
    L stella martinez


  • John Novakovich
    John Novakovich

    Some of the chunkiest, happiest raccoons I've ever seen

  • Tina S
    Tina S

    These little guys make me so happy!

  • James

    JAMES BLACKWOOD, you truly are a master at your craft.

  • Patricia Noreikis
    Patricia Noreikis

    What a beautiful sight. Jim, you are the best. Stay safe and well.

  • Das Whodat
    Das Whodat

    I've been asking on twitter who feeds the raccoons at the Whitehouse when Mr Trump is on the road?

  • Karin La Fontaine
    Karin La Fontaine

    We love watching your video every night and love woody. Greetings from Surrey B.C.

    • Wayne Essar
      Wayne Essar


    • Sharon G
      Sharon G

      Hey Karen from the Island. ; )

  • Rebecca

    This is just so cute. Thank you for posting this short but ever so sweet video. Nice thing to see on a not so great day. xo

  • Jan Med
    Jan Med

    Do they eat the whole sunflower seed, shell and all, or do the crack them open like birds do?

  • Mom Silk
    Mom Silk

    They look all ready for a long winter Jim! So beautiful! 🐾🐾

  • Debbie Goble
    Debbie Goble

    Wonder how many will mate this winter and how many babies will be born in April? I'm glad in nature that these mother's don't abort their babies like humans do.

    • Becky Bryant
      Becky Bryant

      We could learn a lot from nature.

  • First name Last name
    First name Last name

    Can raccoons have heart attacks?? 🤔🤔

  • Judy Fountaine
    Judy Fountaine

    We all love these sweet animals 🐺🐺🐺❤🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺

  • Thanksgiving turkey
    Thanksgiving turkey

    Thank you. They look so round and cutee 😍

  • Juan Cuellar
    Juan Cuellar

    Hello from Houston,Texas love your videos.

  • Colleen j
    Colleen j

    They are too full to fight 😍

  • Jewlz Goldstein
    Jewlz Goldstein

    Thanks for the bonus video!

  • Roxann

    You are a sweetheart Mr. Blackwood!

  • Karen Hunter
    Karen Hunter

    They really love sunflower seeds don't they! Thanks for sharing Jim. So cute. Sounds like it's raining.

  • Mer Cal
    Mer Cal

    Hi from CT .... Love 💘 what your doing Jim... ALL you hear is crunch... Crunch...crunch LOL

  • pointer dog 2
    pointer dog 2

    Everyone eating in harmony! Bless your heart for feeding the little one on the side.

  • Lucile Devries
    Lucile Devries

    Jim what are u going to do when the hibernate.

  • Dharma Beach Bum
    Dharma Beach Bum

    James, you have the kids so well trained. They look so contented as they enjoy bed lunch. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

  • lynda mclean
    lynda mclean

    I love them Jim. Thanks for all u do for us♥️♥️♥️

  • Fro Zen
    Fro Zen

    Im surprised they never pooped on your deck.

  • tschouten1

    Bed lunch-😊❤️

  • Lucky Baldwin
    Lucky Baldwin

    What a picture. All huddled up together and getting along.

    • maribel montfort
      maribel montfort

      Humans would have to learn from them, they are wild.

  • Randy Fedorchak
    Randy Fedorchak

    That is a whole bunch of raccoons happily eating !!

  • cat lady
    cat lady

    22 munching raccoons. So sweet.

  • Tilda Holzberg
    Tilda Holzberg

    You wouldn't think they ate a couple of hours earlier with your friends. The mask would be cute for Halloween. !! Hahahaha. 🙏💜😷

  • Tanya Riopel
    Tanya Riopel

    Your late wife would be so proud of your faithfulness to feed these guys. 😙

    • Lisa Mitchell
      Lisa Mitchell

      This is so beautiful and soothing ❤ I loved when you gave them raisin bread with butter, my guys love raisins too ! And butter! I'll have to make that for them. I also loved when you walked into the room and Charlotte and Connor were laying in the same bed for the first time, so cute ! Love the close ups , they're all so cute!

    • Jeff Kha
      Jeff Kha

      @Revving Chevvy whered u read it

    • Tanya Riopel
      Tanya Riopel

      @Revving Chevvy yes he IS! 🤗

    • Pete Peter
      Pete Peter

      @Revving Chevvy He is super special. He puts so much time, effort and love into this.

  • Barb Downing
    Barb Downing

    Hi from Indiana!

  • Lflower1 Stars
    Lflower1 Stars

    I see that you have friends and family...please remember to wear your mask. Would not wish you or your friends and family to get ill. Plus all the racoons need you to care for them. Keep safe.

  • Laurie Elliott
    Laurie Elliott

    Sweet babies 🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝

  • Gwen T
    Gwen T

    In all the years of doing this has there ever been a time that you were afraid of the raccoons?

  • tigeroll

    I thought I heard rain, no, it's chomping.

  • forest giant
    forest giant

    I wish I were that well fed

    • Micah from Waipahu
      Micah from Waipahu

      @Lindy410 hang in there buddy. I know times is tough during this pandemic. Just have a little faith.

    • Lindy410

      Right? I am completely out of food for the next four days and I don't know what I'm going to do.

  • Rich Buckley
    Rich Buckley

    Figured you why they eat so much every night they have to work to make there den bigger every night so they fit in it top man Jim 💪🏼✌🏼🍀 🦝🤗❤️🇬🇧

  • jade white
    jade white

    They're so cute, content and peaceful.

  • Jim Koshuta
    Jim Koshuta

    Great job James. This is awesome, and you take such good care of them. I have a raccoons hibernate, and if YES, when? Also, does that mean you get a few months off, or will there still be a few that come for food?

    • Sharon G
      Sharon G

      Raccoons don’t actually hibernate like bears, they go into a state called torpor. This means that their heart rate and breathing slows down and their bodies feed off the stored fat. They will snuggle together in dens. This year’s babies might den with their mothers, as they don’t reach sexual maturity until spring. Depending on where they winter they can lose half their body weight over winter. 🥶

  • Stacey Piper
    Stacey Piper

    Love your term 'bed lunch' another meal for the day

  • Laura Barber
    Laura Barber

    I love their munchy chewy sounds! They're all so cute I just want to hug them all!

  • TheCornerThing

    Goodness those raccoons are adorable

  • Ricky Hutchason
    Ricky Hutchason

    No fighting hum